Full plan

After a free initial interview, I will provide you with a wholesome plan per room. This includes a ground plan with colours, furniture, fabrics and materials. I will also invite you to visit furniture suppliers at various locations. When furniture gets delivered, I will be present to make sure everything gets styled perfectly according to your preference.

Costs ? 250, – per room ( excl VAT).

Styling at your home

If you are interested in making some changes to your home in order to create a different atmosphere, I am happy to help you out. With a professional approach, we can often change a few things to create a completely different atmosphere, just the way that suits you.

Costs ? 50,- per hour (excl VAT).


If you are interested in selling or renting out your house, I can help look at your property with a professional approach and determine its visual selling points. For any photographs that need to be taken, I will bring along my own accessories for styling purposes.

Costs ? 50,- per hour (excl VAT).

Advice on request

You are more than welcome to approach me for an advice and costs plan. A welcome chat is always free.

Price determined after requests are discussed.


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