Are you moving house, renovating, or are you just ready for a change of the interior of your house? I provide interior styling advice for a single room, as well as for a complete house.

I can help you with the furnishing and decoration of a children’s room, but also with the styling of your home office.

From specific services, like a new arrangement of your furniture, a lighting plan, colour and pattern choices for paint and wallpaper, the selection of accessories, up to a complete home styling package.

You can also contact me for “small” interior styling questions.
My assignment can be completely tailored to your wishes.

Services Emma Home Styling

Existing or new furniture?

Emma Home Styling - bestaande meubelsA new interior style does not mean that you need to replace all your furniture. With a few eye-catchers and some new colours, combined with your existing furniture, your home can look fantastic and revived again.

Do you want to sell your house?

Emma Home Styling - huis verkopenWith a few small changes, you can draw the attention to the selling points of your house. I am happy to help you with that.

A holiday home in your home country or abroad?

Een vakantiehuis in het buitenland?Whether you want to make your house more attractive for rental purposes or you want to create a personal and warm family holiday spot, for advice and furnishing of your holiday home in the Netherlands or abroad, you can contact me.

Expat in the Netherlands?

Emma Home Styling - ExpatHave you just moved to the Netherlands and are you struggling to find the nice stores and boutiques to turn your new house or apartment into a new home?

Because of my own experience of moving internationally, I know how hard it can be to create a new home abroad.
How do I arrange my old furniture and where do I go for new furniture and accessories?

I am happy to help you style and furnish your new home in the Netherlands. I know the best stores for furniture, lamps and fabrics to create a nice ambiance, without losing touch with your own culture.



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